Fossil Record – Classic Taj Remastered

Look, we all change. It can’t be helped and, honestly, change is often for the better. Even so, some things are worth hanging on to.

Allow us to introduce Fossil Record, a curated collection of classic Taj songs remastered for 2022.

We went through our back catalogue and selected all the songs that we still feel proud of, songs we can stand by, songs that make us say, “Boss.” “Rad.” and “Sweet.”

If you’re new to the Taj-mo-experience, we invite you to walk back in time with us and get to know Young Taj a little better. We were strange, special children, but fairly lovable. If you’ve been around a while, 1) thank you, 2) we love you, and 3) please check out all your pre-historic Taj faves on Fossil Record – I promise you haven’t heard these songs like this before! Now streaming everywhere.

TL/DR: Old songs, new experience, you are awesome, we hope you like it.

Drop us a comment when you have a chance to listen! We love to hear from you, friends old and new!