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4 Songs, 7 Inches now available on iTunes, Spotify and more!

In 2015, we issued a limited edition EP on vinyl and on Bandcamp called “4 Songs, 7 Inches.” What we didn’t realize is that so many of you use iTunes,…

Meet Taj: Ben Sanders

If there was a Jedi master of Taj, it would be Ben Sanders, guitarist, vocalist and founder of your favorite ska band. Ben is the only remaining original member of…

Meet Taj: Nick Kastner

If you’ve heard Feels the Force, Part of the Problem or Pretzels & Beer for Santa, you’ve heard Nick. He came back to Taj this year and we’re sure you’ll…

Have a Skankingly Great Skankenstine’s Day.

So, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and you and/or your kids have forgotten Valentine’s Day cards. No worries! Taj has got you covered. Skankenstein, our friendly Ska Monster, is a dancin’ and…

Meet Taj: Kevin Rose

Kevin is the only guy in the band who started the band with a Rock Star name without trying (seriously, Rose? Is he the distant cousin of Axl Rose?…

Meet Taj: Eddie Allen

Between Weird Al and Ben Folds, Trombonist Eddie Allen has always been a music nerd. Why did you get into music? Music has always been a part of my life….


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