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New Cover Song Out Now – Straight Up!

Check out our new cover of Paula Abdul’s classic, Straight Up! Available most everywhere you listen to music online. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!!!


2020 has been a tough year for a lot of us…..but it’s a great time to be a ska punk fan! New music out today from We Are The Union, Goldfinger, The Inevitables, and Bad Operation (Bad Time Records, members of Fatter Than Albert & PEARS – the band). We’ve also recently gotten new tunes from Less Than Jake, JER (Skatune Network), Five Iron Frenzy, Mad Caddies, all the bands on the Ska Against Racism comp, and we can’t forget the amazing albums from Kill Lincoln, Call Me Malcolm, and The Suicide Machines that came earlier out this year! πŸ’–

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but all this new music has made a hard year better and inspires me everyday to make more music myself. 🀘🏾 -Ben

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